What is Crowdshow?

Using CrowdShow, your guests can take their own pictures of the day and upload them to your custom slideshow page. A slideshow of your event is automatically generated for anyone to view! Or, customize your options to only allow approved images or restrict access to the slideshow to visitors with the right password. Rotate, delete, and rearrange images whenever you want, and your slideshow is automatically updated! And when your event is over, you can download all of your photos with the click of a button.

How does it work?

A Crowdshow is a slideshow that anyone can add photos to. All you need to do is create a new Crowdshow and give it a name, and you’re on your way!

Each Crowdshow has its own page with a unique web address that you can share with anyone. By default, anyone can upload pictures to your Crowdshow if they have its address! This means that all you have to do is let other people at your event know what the address is to let them help you create your Crowdshow.


Crowdshows are full of features. You can display your Crowdshow at full screen size for projecting or displaying publicly and set it to play through images automatically. As an owner, you can flip or rotate each slide, delete and restore photos, and change the background from the default color to whatever color fits your theme! You can even allow your Crowdshow to be easily downloaded as an archive.


Sometimes pictures don’t get uploaded as soon as they’re taken – but if you’d like to keep things in order, it’s easy! Just click the “Rearrange” button and you’ll find an easy drag and drop interface that rearranges your slideshow on the fly.


Didn’t choose the right name when you created your Crowdshow? It’s easy to customize. Not only can you change your background color, you can change the title just by clicking on the edit icon that appears when you hover over it!


As an owner, you can also remove unwanted photos. But if you make a mistake, any photo can be restored (or permanently deleted) with the click of a button! All your photos are saved to prevent losing an important photo by accident.



Every time you create a new Crowdshow, it gets added to your Dashboard. In the dashboard you can control how much access anyone has to your Crowdshow.

  • Stop uploads from being automatically added to your Crowdshow
  • Prevent users from accessing your Crowdshow without a password that you create!
  • Create a separate password for people who are allowed to upload photos
  • Remove access to the sharable archive download link

Go ahead! Give it a try!