Your event deserves a great slideshow. Make it memorable with a Crowdshow.

A Crowdshow

is a slideshow that anyone can add photos to.

Each Crowdshow has its own page with a unique web address that you can share with anyone. By default, anyone can upload pictures to your Crowdshow if they have its address! This means that all you have to do is let other people at your event know what the address is to let them help you create your Crowdshow.

Feature Rich

Edit your photos and crowdshow to fit your style.

Crowdshows are full of features. You can display your Crowdshow at full screen size for projecting or displaying publicly and set it to play through images automatically. As an owner, you can flip or rotate each slide, delete and restore photos, and change the background from the default color to whatever color fits your theme! You can even allow your Crowdshow to be easily downloaded as an archive.


Rearrange, delete, download, and restore pics.

Crowdshows allow you to rearrange your slides on the fly, and if you just want to remove a photo, just click the trash icon! If you deleted the wrong photo, you can still restore it from the trash later, or delete it forever. You can also allow users to download an archive of the photos right from the Crowdshow itself.